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Thu, Dec. 18th, 2014, 05:49 pm
tunaoddfellow: Moving back to the ara

Hello old friends and new folks,

Many of you many know me from the Harvard Square community as secret_willow or ln later years as tunaoddfellow. You may also know me as Fish 'the Magish', a Harvard Square and occasionally Davis Square magician and part of the local color.

I have been living in Salem since 2011 with my parther shava23. Unfortunately she  has been having health issues and is moving in with her son  in Medford so he can take care of her.

This leaves me rewrittng the next chapter of my life's adventure a bit. I am looking to move to the area so I can stay nearby her and also so i can reconnect with my favorite parts of the greater Boston area.

I am looking to find a nice household to be part of,. It would be me and a 14 pound Yorkie-Doodle named Muppet. Alternatively I am seeking an affordable apartment for me and my dog.

I am an artist, magician, gamer and geek and I am on Social Security Disability due to some chronic pain issues.

Please get up with me if you know of good situations with good people or an affordable place coming up.


Tuna aka Fish